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Here you will find articles on how to use critical thinking to make your work as a designer more impactful and valuable – both for your clients and yourself as a creative professional.

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Honing Your Intuition With Critical Thinking

Since I stress the analytical parts and critical thinking so much, I rarely speak about one common topic of design. It is the big mystical “creativity” that many designers cherish so much. Although, I disagree with how the term is generally used, the ability to come up with ideas from scratch is of cou…

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How to Break Out of Safari Mode

I recently had to think about a certain kind of trip, I have been on too many times. I bet you have been there too at one point. I am not speaking about conferences, talks or vacation. I am talking about a safari – the design safari. What is the Safari Mode? We tend to complain about clients that d…

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Thinking And Designing Are The Same Thing.

A few weeks back, I attended the Typo conference in Berlin. My first Typo was a great experience with loads of great talks, a few old friends and a bunch of new faces. First of all, I want to let you know that some of the bigger presentations on the conference’s site are available on their site. I e…

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Make Better Design Decisions By Using Beacon Concepts

On of my main goals with my writing is to show you different approaches to building thinking tools, that can help you in your design process. Today I want to explain a thinking-tool for designing more complex systems. The goal of this tool is to make sure all small design decisions serve the right…

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Understanding Design Systems as Languages.

In the last article I told a story about a branding project I worked on, which failed and the things I learned from that story. It made me realise that my client’s needs are not my own’s. Also I learned, that designing with a focus on usage and systems helps to build experiences that are robust eno…

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Learn To Shift Perspective From Your Mistakes

In the last article, I touched on points how to use a briefing as a starting point for a discovery process. I talked also about how to use it as a tool in your process. This week I want to tell you a story about a project that became a great learning opportunity for me – and hopefully is for you. H…

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Treat a Briefing as a Symptom, Not as a Diagnosis

After discussing how to change the way you position yourself as a designer to stand out and be more valuable to your client, this week I want to take a step more closely into your process and talk about how you should use critical thinking to maximise the value you can create for your clients. …

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Start Creating More Value by Changing Your Positioning

I believe in the power of design. Well done design has the potential to empower people. Design can solve problems, that have not yet been uncovered. But the reality is, that designers often are viewed as decorators or superficial fixers. But what makes this line of work so great, is that we have…

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Change the way you think about design.

When people ask me what it is that I do as a designer, I often come up with a pretty broad and solid description. But then, I get reactions like these: “So you are doing advertising” or “So you are painting signs?” When people think about design, what they have in mind often is something like a fancy t…

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